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Munkiserver是一个Ruby on Rails Web应用程序,用于管理您的munki客户端。客户端与服务器处于1-1关系(即每个客户端都有自己的清单),因此可以轻松指定一次安装。但是,您仍然可以使用计算机组将客户端组合在一起并将软件包应用于它们,从而实现与vanilla munki中的常规清单相同的功能级别。所有配置(例如:pkginfo,清单,捆绑等等)都存储在后端关系数据库中;没有平板回购。这增加了一些复杂性,但是所有管理都是通过Web应用程序完成的:

  • 添加/删除计算机客户端
  • 上传/编辑包
  • 编辑清单
  • 分配用户/组权限
  • 查看哪些软件包有更新(使用www.macupdate.com检查)
  • 查看保修信息
  • 名单继续......


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See https://github.com/munkiserver/munkiserver

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Munkiserver is a Ruby on Rails web application for managing your munki clients. Clients are in a 1-1 relationship with the server (i.e. each client has their own manifest), making it easy to specify one off installs. However, you can still group clients together using computer groups and apply software bundles to them, thus achieving the same level of functionality as regular manifests in vanilla munki. All configurations (ex: pkginfo, manifests, bundles, etc…) are stored in a backend relationsl database; there is no flat repo. This adds some complexity however, all management is done through the web application:

  • Adding/removing computer clients
  • Uploading/editing packages
  • Editing manifests
  • Assigning user/group permissions
  • Viewing which packages have updates (uses www.macupdate.com to check)
  • Viewing warranty information
  • The list goes on…

For installation instructions and documentation, see the wiki: https://github.com/jnraine/munkiserver/wiki