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站在RPi(Raspberry Pi *)的肩膀上,我们增强了具有更多硬件功能的RPi。

我们称之为香蕉皮。 Banana Pi的目标是成为一款价格低廉,小巧灵活的日常生活电脑。使用ARM Cortex-A7双核CPU,Mali400MP2 GPU和1GB DDR3 RAM构建,并加载适当的软件,Banana Pi可以作为一个平台,为不同的目的制作大量应用程序。

使用可移动SD卡,Banana Pi可以使用您喜爱的操作系统启动,如Lubuntu,Raspbian,Arch Linux,openSUSE和Android。

凭借Banana Pi的低成本和更多硬件功能,我们希望促进教育,工业和科学领域的贡献。

*:Raspberry Pi是Raspberry Pi Foundation的注册商标。

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BPi (Banana Pi)

We are a team of enthusiasts with experience in embedded linux software.

Stand on the shoulder of RPi(Raspberry Pi*), we enhance RPi with more hardware capabilities.

We call it Banana Pi. Banana Pi targets to be an inexpensive, small and flexible enough computer for daily life. Built with ARM Cortex-A7 Dual-core CPU, Mali400MP2 GPU and 1GB DDR3 RAM, and loading proper software, Banana Pi can serve as a platform to make lots of applications for different purposes.

With removable SD card, Banana Pi can boot up with your favorite OS such as Lubuntu, Raspbien, Archlinux, openSUSE and Android.

With low-cost and more hardware capabilities of Banana Pi, we hope to foster contributions from educational, industrial and scientific fields.

*: Raspberry Pi is a registered trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.