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使用HTML5签名板示例AngularJS CRUD应用程序
Sample AngularJS CRUD app with an HTML5 signature pad (中文)


AngularJS SignIt!

这是使用AngularJS框架创建的示例CRUD应用程序。 这非常简单 - 用户从选择框中选择“请愿书”, 并填写三个表格字段。在绘制签名后 在画布上,单击“保存”会将表单数据添加到“签名者”列表中。


此应用程序中使用了两种不同的后端数据库提供程序。 默认情况下,应用程序既不使用服务,也使用简单的backbone.js 模型临时存储数据。刷新浏览器后,数据就会消失。

通过在URL的末尾添加解析,应用程序将使用 Parse.com保存和检索签名。我自己的API密钥是硬编码的 在应用程序中,您可以在http://www.parse.com免费获取自己的API密钥

为了将StackMob用作后端提供程序,必须托管应用程序 在StackMob的服务器上。 StackMob帐户也是免费的(。你可以试试这个版本 通过分叉这个项目,改变StackMob初始值,并在你的部署 拥有StackMob帐户。


这个应用程序是用Yeoman(和角度模板创建的。 如果安装了Yeoman,则可以克隆整个项目并运行Yeoman构建 开始构建过程。文件放入dist文件夹,然后可以 被部署到您的服务器。

本文使用googletrans自动翻译,仅供参考, 原文来自

UPDATE: this is very old. it uses an old version of Angular, and the backends no longer work. It is here for posterity only. Not as a learning tool. Use at your own risk.

AngularJS SignIt!

This is a sample CRUD appliction created with the AngularJS framework.
It is very simple - a user picks a 'petition' from a select box,
and fills out the three form fields. After drawing a signature on
the canvas, clicking Save will add the form data to the Signatories list. and StackMob

There are two different back-end database providers used in this app.
By default, the app uses neither service, but rather a simple backbone.js
model to temporarily store data. Once the browser is refreshed, the data is gone.

By adding parse to the end of the URL, the application will then use to save and retrieve signatures. My own API keys are hard coded
in the app, but you can get your own API keys for free at

In order to use StackMob as a back-end provider, the application must be hosted
on StackMob's servers. A StackMob account is also free ( You can try this version
by forking this project, changing the StackMob init values, and deploying in your
own StackMob account.


This application was created with Yeoman ( and the angular template.
If you have Yeoman installed, you can clone this entire project and run Yeoman build
to kick off the build process. Files are put into the dist folder, which can then
be deployed to your server.