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Do Your Goddamn Homework Club - HackingEDU 2015项目
The Do Your Goddamn Homework Club - HackingEDU 2015 project (中文)



Do Your Goddamn Homework Club是我今年为HackingEDU做的项目。它应该通过与其他人合作并建立相互责任感来帮助您提高工作效率。

它由Node.js,MongoDB,Moxtra API和Material Design Lite提供支持。您会注意到登录与非常相似

考虑到我对Node.js的相对缺乏经验,以及我几乎不记得编写代码的实际过程这一事实 - 这是一个全能的黑客,所有人都不知道是什么在里面。

大部分时间用于解决Moxtra(电子邮件领域中的'+' - >')问题。


不是很多。有足够的代码可以为您设置身份验证,并让它与Moxtra交谈 - 尽管首要任务是将代码从客户端JS移开。


  • 签到
  • Purty材料设计
  • Gravatar支持
  • Moxtra身份验证(客户端,使用电子邮件作为ID)


  • 适当的Moxtra集成
  • 目标设定方法(正确地将这些卡整合在一起,我有点想知道如何做到这一点)
  • 合作伙伴匹配(在注册时询问目标;使用这些目标匹配人员)


  • 将“group”字段添加到db,用于存储共享提醒和Moxtra活页夹信息
  • 让Gravatar出现在Moxtra中
  • 使用Mongo ID而不是Moxtra的电子邮件
  • 修复聊天大小的问题


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The Do Your Goddamn Homework Club

The Do Your Goddamn Homework Club is the project I did for HackingEDU this year. It's supposed to help you with your productivity, via partnering you up with other people and creating a sense of mutual accountability.

It's powered by Node.js, MongoDB, Moxtra APIs, and Material Design Lite. You will notice that sign-in is eerily similar to

Considering my relative inexperience with Node.js, and the fact that I barely remember the actual process of writing the code - this being at a hackathon all-nighter and all, one is left to wonder what lays inside.

Most of the time was spent fixing an issue that turned out to be a problem with Moxtra ('+' -> ' ' in email fields)

What works

Not a whole lot. There's enough code for you to set up authentication on your end, and to get it to talk with Moxtra - though first priority would be to move that code away from clientside JS.

That aside, here's a list of what I had implemented:

  • Sign-in
  • Purty Material Design
  • Gravatar support
  • Moxtra authentication (clientside, using email as ID)

What I'd like to work

  • Proper Moxtra integration
  • Goal setting methods (integrate those cards on the left properly, I kinda have an idea as to how this can be done)
  • Partner matching (ask for goals when registering; match people up using these goals)

Various things that need doing

  • Add 'group' field to db, use to store shared reminders and Moxtra binder info
  • Get Gravatar to show up in Moxtra
  • Use Mongo ID instead of email for Moxtra
  • Fix that issue with chat size