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这是我在D7024E @Luleå科技大学课程中进行实验的目录
This is my directory for the laboration in the course D7024E @ Luleå University of Technology
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  • 稳定功能
  • 通知功能


  • 节点之间的数据复制
  • 节点,前任和后继之间的DHT(分布式哈希表)。此哈希表包含节点内文件/数据的键和位置(值)。
  • 杀死发布到停止节点的API。 (它可以在一段时间后重新上线)


  • 测试以显示Web服务的功能(使用POSTMAN)
  • 更新API,以便使用Key - Location(值)正确更新DHT,并使用数据创建文件。
  • 与Chord DHT集成


  • 将之前开发的Skynodes打包为Docker容器
  • 使用Kubernetes部署Sky节点集群


  • 每个目标的更新2
  • 每个目标的更新3
  • 每个目标的更新4
  • 每个目标的更新5
  • 最后调整并提交。

//// 这是D7024E @Luleå科技大学课程的实验目录

工作流程/计划将记录在Wiki中。每个目标都有自己的里程碑(和维基页面) 标记为“任务”的每个问题都与里程碑相关联。这些是需要实施和完成的任务。


冲刺计划: https://huboard.com/burstrom/D7024E_2015

本文使用googletrans自动翻译,仅供参考, 原文来自github.com


D7024E_2015 Build Status

Objective 2:

  • Stabilize function
  • Notify function

Objective 3:

  • Data replication between nodes
  • DHT (Distributed Hash Table) between Node, predecessor and successor. This hashtable contains the key and location(value) of the files/data inside of the node.
  • Kill post to the API which stops the node. (It can come back online after some time)

Objective 4:

  • Tests to show functionality of the web service (Use POSTMAN)
  • Update the API so it correctly updates the DHT with Key - Location(value) and creates the file with the data.
  • Integration with Chord DHT

Objective 5:

  • Package previously developed Skynodes as a Docker container
  • Deplou clusters of Skynodes with Kubernetes

Project Report:

  • Update for each Objective 2
  • Update for each Objective 3
  • Update for each Objective 4
  • Update for each Objective 5
  • Final adjustments and submit.

This is our directory for the laboration in the course D7024E @ Luleå University of Technology

The workflow/planning will be logged in the wiki. Each objective has their own milestone (and wiki page)
Each issue which is labeled "Task" is connected to a milestone. These are the tasks that are needed to be implemented and finished.

On the Wiki there are also be worklogs.

Sprint planning: