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README.md (中文)

私有像素 - 可视UI测试自动化服务


我们的堆栈基本上包括: - Nightmare.js,它是使用Webkit渲染引擎的无头浏览器。用于创建网页快照。 - GraphicsMagick是一个能够在node.js中运行的图像处理工具。用于创建两个快照的差异图像。 - AWS用于存储我们的图像。 - CronJob用于按设定的时间间隔安排任务。 - Roboto是一个用于在网站上查找网页的网络爬虫。 - 前端使用Angular,Bootstrap和Sass来创建动态UI。 - FSG用作基本的MEAN堆栈脚手架生成器。






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Private Pixels - A Visual UI Test Automation Service

An automatic visual UI testing and monitoring service built on the MEAN stack.

Our stack basically consists of:
- Nightmare.js which is a headless browser using the Webkit render engine. Used to create snapshots of webpages.
- GraphicsMagick is an image manipulation tool able to run in node.js. Used to create a diff image of two snapshots.
- AWS is used to store our images.
- CronJob is used to schedule tasks at set intervals.
- Roboto is a web crawler used to find web pages on a site.
- Angular, Bootstrap & Sass is used in the front end to create our dynamic UI.
- FSG was used as a basic MEAN stack scaffolding generator.

At set intervals, we use nightmare.js to take a snapshot of a webpage at a given URL. With this current snapshot, we will then grab the previous snapshot taken at that URL, then use GraphicsMagick to create a diff image of the two snapshots. That diff image is then posted in our dashboard and an alert is set if a substantial difference is calculated.

Check out the live site here

A Chrome Extension was also developed to test single page applications and web pages with dynamic UI features. Our Chrome extension is used to record user workflow on a browser, allowing us to save the recorded actions and run them before taking a snapshot at your defined intervals.

Download it at the Play store here.

Check out the Chrome Extension repo here.