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SciPy 2014的SymPy教程
The SymPy tutorial for SciPy 2014 (中文)

SciPy 2014的SymPy教程

这是Aaron Meurer,Matthew Rocklin和Jason Moore的教程 在SciPy 2014上为SymPy提供服务。如果您正在参加本教程,请 安装Anaconda。您将需要SymPy 0.7.5和IPython 2.1.0。练习 对于与会者,请访问tutorial_exercises目录。其他一切都是 我们的演示材料。

如果要构建教程演示文稿,请在中使用make html tutorial_sphinx目录。它与SymPy教程基本相同。

注意:本教程已与最新版本的SymPy过时。一世   建议阅读 官方教程,其中   是基于此。这个回购中的练习笔记本仍然应该证明   但是,这是官方教程的有用伴侣。

本文使用googletrans自动翻译,仅供参考, 原文来自

SymPy tutorial for SciPy 2014

This is the tutorial that Aaron Meurer, Matthew Rocklin, and Jason Moore are
giving at SciPy 2014 for SymPy. If you are attending the tutorial, please
install Anaconda. You will need SymPy 0.7.5 and IPython 2.1.0. The exercises
for attendees are in the tutorial_exercises directory. Everything else is
presentation materials for us.

If you want to build the tutorial presentation, use make html in the
tutorial_sphinx directory. It is basically the same as the SymPy tutorial at

NOTE: This tutorial is out of date with the latest version of SymPy. I
recommend reading the
official tutorial, which
is based on this. The exercise notebooks in this repo should still prove to
be useful companions to the official tutorial, however.