语言: C#

git: https://github.com/LHCGreg/DFOToolBox

用于处理Dungeon Fighter Online数据文件的库和工具
Libraries and tools for working with Dungeon Fighter Online's data files
README.md (中文)

该存储库包含一个库,用于读取Dungeon Fighter Online的打包图像文件(.NPK文件)和各种与DFO相关的工具,包括:

DFO Toolbox,一个用于查看DFO的.NPK文件内容的GUI应用程序。


除非另有说明,否则所有代码均根据Apache License 2.0(license.txt)进行许可。

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This repository houses a library for reading Dungeon Fighter Online's packaged image files (.NPK files) and various DFO-related tools including:

DFO Toolbox, a GUI application for viewing the contents of DFO's .NPK files.

npk2gif, a command line tool for creating animated GIFs from images in NPK files.

All code is licensed under the Apache License 2.0 (license.txt) unless stated otherwise.