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A repo hosting the data code and figure outputs for a comment on the work of Badruddin & Aslam (2014). An analysis of… (中文)



此代码适用于Python 2.7或> 3.4,但它需要一些额外的包,如Pandas。我建议使用Anaconda python和conda来安装这些。

注:我创建了一个Data /文件夹,其中包含分析所需的文件。但是,这些并不是必需的,因为目前iPtython笔记本设置为从我自己的公共服务器获取相同的数据。我注意到,将此设置为获取G-hub repo上的数据将不起作用。如果您希望在没有Internet连接的情况下工作,则需要在Data / local中下载数据,并链接到本地​​文件。

Benlaken / Comment_BadruddinAslam2014由Benjamin Laken根据知识共享署名 - 非商业性使用 - 相同方式共享4.0国际许可证授权。基于上的工作。

本文使用googletrans自动翻译,仅供参考, 原文来自

Cosmic rays and the Indian Summer Monsoon

A repository hosting the data, code, and figure outputs accompanying a paper re-examining the work of Badruddin & Aslam (2015). An analysis of extremes in the Indian Monsoon in relation to solar activity.

This code works with both Python 2.7 or >3.4, although it requires some additional packages such as Pandas. I recommend using Anaconda python, and conda to install these.

N.b. I have created a Data/ folder which holds the required files for the analysis. However, these are not necessarily required, as currently the iPtython notebook is set up to fetch the same data from my own public server. I note that setting this to fetch to the data on the G-hub repo will not work however. If you wish to work without an internet connection, you will therefore need to download the data in Data/ locally, and link to the local files.

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