语言: C++

git: https://github.com/KASUYASU/cutsim

README.md (中文)

这是一个经过修订的aewallin / Cutsim,可以更实用地使用。

支持5轴(XYZ + AC表格)模拟。

其他一些功能 1)碰撞检测。 2)机器行程限制检测。 3)切割功率估算。 4)STL文件读取库存定义(不完整和慢速)。


g2m:调用emc2 rs274 G代码解释器并构建并生成canonLine对象列表 libcutsim:切割仿真库(八叉树库存模型,库存/工具卷,等值面算法) app:应用程序和用户界面(取决于LibQGLViewer,ubuntu包“libqglviewer-qt4-2”)

cd cutim mkdir build cd build cmake ../src 使 ./bin/cutsim

请注意,您需要在AC配置下构建的rs274 G代码解释器。 (您在build / bin文件夹中有32bit Linux的示例。)

在构建了“cutim”excutable之后,将其置于同一个文件夹中 emc2 rs274 G代码解释器,machine.mspec和Tool_table.tbl。 Cutsim会 很快就会问你一个工具表文件和一个安装文件。所以选择'Tool_table.tbl' 对于工具表和“KJ66_Diffuser_Top.csim”等,用于安装文件。之后, Cutsim显示库存材料(somtimes那些没有出现。这是Bug。:-) 然后,从“文件打开”菜单中选择ngc文件,然后按“播放”按钮。也许, 你会得到切割结果。如果检测到碰撞,Cutsim会 自动暂停其模拟。您可以按,继续此过程 '再次'播放'。提供一些快捷键。为了更快地获得结果, 按下'a'键,使动画失效。

'a'切换动画启用/禁用。  'c'切换Axis Visible / Imvisible。  'g'切换XY-Grid Visible / Imvisible。  's'在你的控制台中显示统计信息。  't'切换工具可见/不可见。

本文使用googletrans自动翻译,仅供参考, 原文来自github.com


This is a revised aewallin/Cutsim that can be used more practically.

5-Axis (XYZ + AC table-table) simulations are supported.

Some other features
1) Collision detection.
2) Machine travel limit dectection.
3) Cutting Power Estimation.
4) STL file reading for stock definitions(imcomplete and slow).

The code is divided into the following parts:

g2m: calls the emc2 rs274 G-code interpreter and builds and produces a list of canonLine objects
libcutsim: cutting-simulation library (octree stock-model, stock/tool volumes, isosurface algorithms)
app: application and user-interface (depends on LibQGLViewer, ubuntu package "libqglviewer-qt4-2")

cd cutsim
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../src

Note that you need rs274 G-code interpreter that is build under the AC configuration.
(You have a sample for 32bit Linux in the build/bin folder.)

After building your "cutsim" excecutable, evoke it in the same folder that has
emc2 rs274 G-code interpreter, machine.mspec and Tool_table.tbl. Cutsim will
soon ask you one tool table file and one setup file. So choose 'Tool_table.tbl'
for the tool table and 'KJ66_Diffuser_Top.csim', etc. for the setup file. After that,
Cutsim displays the stock material (somtimes those do not appear. this is the Bug. :-)
Then, choose ngc files from the File-Open menu and press the 'Play' button. Maybe,
you will get the cutting result. If a collision is detected, Cutsim will
automatically pause its simulation. You can continue the process, by pressing
the 'Play' again. Some short cut keys are available. To get the result faster,
press your 'a' key and make the animation disenable.

'a' toggle the Animation Enable/Disable.
'c' toggle the Axis Visible/Imvisible.
'g' toggle the XY-Grid Visible/Imvisible.
's' Show the statistics in your console.
't' toggle the Tool Visible/Imvisible.