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Universal Tile Maker

此脚本将创建用于Universal Windows 10应用程序中的Tile资产的所有43个PNG图像。 它经过优化,可生成透明磁贴,默认使用系统的强调颜色,并且与Microsoft自己的应用程序一致。



如果未位于默认安装位置(C:\ Program Files \ Inkscape \ inkscape.exe),请进行编辑

$inkScapePath = "C:\Program Files\Inkscape\inkscape.exe"



编辑“Icon Master.svg”,将五个白色占位符徽标替换为五个与其大小相同的徽标副本。 - 特别注意将每个徽标替换放在与原始占位符相同的层中。 - 确保每个徽标都在提供的橙色板上居中。 - 请勿更改橙色板的颜色,否则生成的PNG将不具有透明背景

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Universal Tile Maker

This script creates all the 43 PNG images that are used for Tile assets in a Universal Windows 10 application.
It is optimized to generate transparent tiles which will use the system's accent color as default and that look consistent with Microsoft's own apps.


Inkscape, either installed or standalone: the actual conversion from SVG to PNG is handled by it.

If not located in the default install location (C:\Program Files\Inkscape\inkscape.exe), edit

$inkScapePath = "C:\Program Files\Inkscape\inkscape.exe"

to point to the correct place.


Edit "Icon Master.svg", replacing the five white placeholder logos with five copies of your logo having the same sizes as them.
- Pay particular attention to put each logo replacement in the same layer as the origial placeholder.
- Ensure each logo is centered on the provided orange plate.
- Do not change the orange plates' color, otherwise the generated PNGs will not have a transparent background