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Sublime Text的项目启动器
A project launcher for Sublime Text (中文)


下载最新版本(Sublime Launcher 1.1.2)

Sublime Text的多平台,功能齐全的项目启动器

Eclipse,IntelliJ,WebStorm和其他IDE等程序具有方便的项目启动程序,允许您在启动时快速选择项目。经常在Sublime Text中切换项目相当慢。 Sublime Launcher旨在解决这个问题。

  • 轻松创建新项目
  • 轻松将现有项目加载到Sublime Launcher中
  • 使用模板填充包含内容的新项目
  • 轻松创建自己的模板
  • Sublime Launcher绝对不会在项目目录中添加元数据/文件



"remember_open_files": false,
"hot_exit": false

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目前的构建:1.1.2 下载:下载Sublime Launcher 1.0


浏览“问题”列表或查找可以修复或添加的内容是开始为Sublime Launcher做贡献的好方法

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Sublime Launcher

Download Latest Release (Sublime Launcher 1.1.2)

A multi-platform, fully-featured, project launcher for Sublime Text

Programs like Eclipse, IntelliJ, WebStorm, and other IDEs have convienient project launchers that allow you to quickly choose the project on startup. Frequently switching projects in Sublime Text is fairly slow. Sublime Launcher aims to remedy this.

  • Create new projects easily
  • Easily load existing projects into Sublime Launcher
  • Fill new projects with content using templates
  • Create your own templates easily
  • Sublime Launcher adds absolutely no metadata/files in the project directory

Pin to your taskbar, start menu, or dock to use easily.

For this to work you must add the following to your Sublime User Settings.

"remember_open_files": false,
"hot_exit": false

Sublime Launcher Main Window Picture


Current build: 1.1.2
Download: Download Sublime Launcher 1.0


Browsing the Issues list or looking for things that could be fixed or added is a good way to begin contributing to Sublime Launcher