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允许您在Windows 8及更高版本上运行基于kr kr2的游戏(包含一些高级功能)
Allow you run some krkr2-based game on Windows8 OS and above(contains some advance functions)
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KrkrLoader 允许您在Windows8 OS及更高版本上运行一些基于krkr2的游戏。

最终版本: 添加了Locale Emulator

目前支持: 1.检查子进程 - 如果原始游戏由启动器启动(与某些翻译游戏相同), krkrLoader将注入子进程以确保注入krkr模块。 2.modify - 如果目标exe被保护免于注入,这个选项将为U做一些事情, 但是如果目标exe的IAT被shell扭曲,它就无法做任何事情。(已删除) 3.Locale Emulator - 允许您在非日本环境下运行游戏。

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Allow you run some krkr2-based game on Windows8 OS and above.

Final Version:
Added Locale Emulator

At present supported:
1.check child process - If the original game launched by a launcher(the same as some translated games),
krkrLoader will inject into the child process to make sure the krkr module is injected.
2.modify - if the target exe is protected from injection, this option will do something for U,
BUT it can't do anything if the target exe's IAT is warpped by a shell.(Removed)
3.Locale Emulator - Allow you run your game under none-Japenese environment.

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