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A tool for the guitar fretboard student
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此工具旨在帮助您学习吉他指板。 您可以使用它来绘制音阶和和弦图,使用颜色突出显示音符或模式之间的差异。


每个图表都是可链接的,因此您可以为图表提供标题并与您的朋友(或学生)分享链接。 这里有些例子:

  • [http://eliasdorneles.github.com/Fretboard-Studies/#strings=5:2,8:0;5:0,8:0;5:0,7:0;5:0,7:2 ; 5:0,7:0; 5:2,8:0&diagram_title = A%20minor%20pentatonic | A minor pentatonic scale]]
  • [http://eliasdorneles.github.com/Fretboard-Studies/#strings=5:0,8:2;5:0,8:0;5:2,7:0;5:0,7:0 ; 5:0,7:0; 5:0,8:2&diagram_title = C%20major%20pentatonic | C major pentatonic scale]]

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= Fretboard Studies =

This tool aims to help you to learn the guitar fretboard.
You can use it to draw diagrams of scales and chords, using colors to highlight notes or differences among patterns.

See it in action at: http://eliasdorneles.github.com/Fretboard-Studies/

Every diagram is linkable, so you can give the diagram a title and share the link with your friends (or students, maybe).
Here are some examples:

If you want to help, or have ideas or suggestions, feel free to drop me an email: eliasdorneles (at) gmail com