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发现Star Citizen船舶的最佳升级。
Discover the best upgrades for your Star Citizen ships. (中文)

不推荐使用此工具。 CIG已在此实施官方解决方案。

CCG - 公民转换指南

CCG是一个100%客户端,基于React的工具,用于为Star Citizen船舶找到最有效的升级路径。




该网站是为Star Citizen社区使用而构建的。它使用的数据基于/ u / NimmoG在Reddit上创建的图表。这个数据在Github上以JSON格式提供:

  • 发货数据
  • 制造商数据


CCG是一个风扇制造的工具,100%与Star Citizen,Roberts Space Industries或Cloud Imperium Games无关。最初来自robertsspaceindustries.com的所有样式和资产都未经许可重复使用。

要联系,请在Github上发帖或在Reddit上向/ you / snore发送消息。

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This tool is deprecated. An official solution has been implemented by CIG here.

CCG - Citizen's Conversion Guide

CCG is a 100% client-side, React-based tool used to find the most efficient upgrade paths for Star Citizen ships.

About CCG

Given your current ship, CCG discovers which ships are available via cross- and intra-chassis upgrade chains. It then computes the cheapest path from your current ship to your final upgrade, getting you the best deal possible.

In some cases, the cheapest paths include converting to ships that aren't currently on sale. These paths are filtered out by default, but can be shown using the checkbox at the top of the result list.

This site was built for use by the Star Citizen community. The data it utilizes was based on a chart created by /u/NimmoG on Reddit. This data is available in JSON format on Github:

Community contribution is welcome, and pull requests are always encouraged.

CCG is a fan-made tool 100% unaffiliated with Star Citizen, Roberts Space Industries, or Cloud Imperium Games. All styles and assets that are originally from have been reused without permission.

To get in touch, post on Github or send a message to /u/snoee on Reddit.